Pam your killing me. I just fell off my chair! These are breathtaking!!



Pam your killing me I just fell off my chair. These are Breathtaking!
A few more from our student Kait Winston Photography in Virginia. Kait what an honor to have you travel all the way from the states to attend our workshop in Spain. It was awesome to meet you. — A Few More From Spain! (2 photos)Stella’s Design where quality and creativity shine



Just received a call from Ren’ee Strauss of Brides Of Beverly Hill!  I know Crazy Right!! We had sent them this picture of the display that we found to see what she thought. She loved it, but had one request. She asked us if we could add some rhinestones to the heal. She took the words right out of my mouth, we were just about to send an email to see if they would like us to bedazzle the heel. Crazy!!  Of course we said YES!! I am just blown away right now… I was not expecting to hear from her, herself. Wow!!! So many excited things happening to us right now. I am personally going to deliver these in person. I told her that I wanted to meet her and visit her salon and she said I was welcome to come anytime. We will have to schedule a trip when we get back from New York. Never know just might just have to take a picture with her. : ))

Happy weekend everyone!

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OMG! Just got off the phone with Ren’ee Strauss of Brides Of Beverly Hills

Wow, Wow, Wow!! I just got off the phone with Ren’ee Stauss, she went head over heels with our Bridal Barefoot sandals. She told me that they had already fulfilled their open to buy for this season. But when they opened the package and seen our Bridal Barefoot sandals it all changed. She asked us to send some sort of display to display the our sandals!  She also said that her salon is elegant and that the display would have to fit in. OMG!!! Somebody pinch me… Our Barefoot sandals are going to be in Ren’ee Stauss’s Bridal Salon. I’m on a mission to find some acrylic foot forms that are worthy of being in her salon. Any ideas on where to get some? Once I get back from New York I will personally be dropping off the displays with some of our newest sandals that we just made. She just made my day a whole lot better…


We are Super Excited!!

Got this email from Ren’ee Stauss’s assistant Lauren. I can’t wait to see what they think once they receive my package of pretty’s.


We are anxiously awaiting their arrival! I’ll let you know as soon as
we receive them.

RSVIP Media Group
9001 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 303

Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Thank you, Lauren
Renée Strauss for the Platinum Bride