On their way to Brides of Beverly Hills

Happy Monday Everyone!
Here are our picks that are on their way to to Ren’ee Stauss of Brides of Beverly Hills… We were asked to send just one but couldn’t decide on which pair so we sent a few extras. I hope she at least likes one pair. Crossing our little fingers!!

♥ Stella ♥


LoVe our Brides

This has to be one of my favorites so far! Our bride wanted her something blue to be special. So she asked us to make her bridal barefoot sandals to match her garter. And she picked our lovely Kate for her headpiece.  We can’t wait to see Pictures!

LoVe our Brides!!Image

More Pretty’s!!

Sneak Peek of our crochet gloves that will soon be available in our shop! Pam stopped by last night to pick up the accessories and swooped these up as well. Yay! They too on their way to Spain today… Thanks Pam for taking our little pretty’s with you. ♥♥♥



Yay! Look what’s going with Pam Terpstra to Spain

Super Exciting day!!  Just finished putting our Lil’ Pretty’s into these little packages that will be going with Pam to Spain for the photo shoot. Stay tuned for some Amazing photos. Dresses are from designer Claire la Faye, I just pray that my accessories will do her dresses justice.  Her dress are simply Breathtaking!!

Now off to packaging some of our newest collection of Bridal barefoot sandals. They will be going to Ren’ee Strauss of Brides of Beverly Hills. Crossing our fingers on this one, hopefully she will like at least on pair to use on her TV show.

Yay!  We are feeling so blessed so many exciting things going on…

♥ Stella ♥Image

Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peak of some of our newest pieces that we took to Brides Night Out! It was such a fun event! It turned out Amazing!! All the vendors did such a great job with their displays… Thanks Apple Brides for asking us to take part of this great event! 


Brides of Beverly Hills

Hmm!!  Were thinking the one on the left should be the one of the pairs that we send to Rene’e Strauss of Brides of Beverly Hills! What do you think??
We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed. Wish us luck!!


Brides of Beverly Hills Renée Strauss for the Platinum Bride

Super Exciting news!!!   We were just asked to send a pair of our Bridal Barefoot sandals to Renée Strauss from Brides of Beverly Hills. This is what they said… We would like a size 6 for us to touch and feel in person. And we will let you know if it’s something that we will want to use in one of our shows. OMG!!!  We will be saying lot’s of prayers in hopes that they pick one of our sandals.  Crossing our fingers!!
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