Super Excited!!

We just had a great business lunch with Mary Eberle, owner of aNeMonE. We are super excited and can’t wait to share our news with you.  All I can say is 2013 is going to be a great year! : ))

♥ Stella ♥



Happy Monday Everyone! We are giving away our Dominique flower girl bracelet with purchase of any of our bridal sashes or bridal headpieces. Model shown is my very own beautiful grand-daughter Jazzy. ❤ Stella ❤

Ren’ee Srauss, Jeff Probst, Amanda Brooks and her husband. Pretty Awesome!



Guess who called last night!!!

Guess who called last night??? My husband and I were just about to go to bed when the phone rang. My husband answers and say’s it’s Ren’ee Strauss for you. I know, Crazy Right!! She called to tell me to check my email and that we will ta

lk tomorrow. And then said, Night Night. I chuckled because that’s what my daughter Stephanie say’s to me before she say’s goodnight. 

All I can say my Bridal Barefoot sandals were worn by Amanda Brooks and they were on the Jeff Probst show. We’ve been told it will air on Nov 19th…could be CBS or NBC depending on where you live. We will keep you updated…

Wow, Wow, Wow!! Were going to be on TV… We are so excited and are feeling oh so blessed… Below is what Ren’ee wrote to me.

♥ Stella ♥

Stella she’s flying back to Miami tomorrow but she’ll totally blast all about the product and she lives in Miami…..great place to promote product!
Renée Strauss R.S.V.I.P. Media Group, LLC
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I just fell off my chair!!

OMG! I just fell off my chair!! LoL I just got a call from Ren’ee Stauss asking my permission to use by bridal barefoot sandals in a beach seen interview. And if she could gift one of my Bridal Barefoot sandals. Of course! I said yes…

She also said I would get a taping of the interview. Am I dreaming right now? If so, please don’t wake me up! : ))

Feeling very blessed right now…

♥ Stella ♥

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One shop down and one to go!!


We have two locations that were interested in!  We are thinking about sharing a space with ???   We’re meeting with them next week to get the grand tour of the shop.
We are crossing our fingers on this one.  I think that both of our businesses will compliment one another!!  We will reveal who they are after our meeting!!  : ))

We are adding these super cute crystal chain bracelets to our shop!  Won’t they look great with our Bridal Barefoot sandals!!

We are working on lot’s of new pieces for the big bridal fair in January…
♥ Stella ♥