OMG! Just got off the phone with Ren’ee Strauss of Brides Of Beverly Hills

Wow, Wow, Wow!! I just got off the phone with Ren’ee Stauss, she went head over heels with our Bridal Barefoot sandals. She told me that they had already fulfilled their open to buy for this season. But when they opened the package and seen our Bridal Barefoot sandals it all changed. She asked us to send some sort of display to display the our sandals!  She also said that her salon is elegant and that the display would have to fit in. OMG!!! Somebody pinch me… Our Barefoot sandals are going to be in Ren’ee Stauss’s Bridal Salon. I’m on a mission to find some acrylic foot forms that are worthy of being in her salon. Any ideas on where to get some? Once I get back from New York I will personally be dropping off the displays with some of our newest sandals that we just made. She just made my day a whole lot better…



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