Guess who called last night!!!

Guess who called last night??? My husband and I were just about to go to bed when the phone rang. My husband answers and say’s it’s Ren’ee Strauss for you. I know, Crazy Right!! She called to tell me to check my email and that we will ta

lk tomorrow. And then said, Night Night. I chuckled because that’s what my daughter Stephanie say’s to me before she say’s goodnight. 

All I can say my Bridal Barefoot sandals were worn by Amanda Brooks and they were on the Jeff Probst show. We’ve been told it will air on Nov 19th…could be CBS or NBC depending on where you live. We will keep you updated…

Wow, Wow, Wow!! Were going to be on TV… We are so excited and are feeling oh so blessed… Below is what Ren’ee wrote to me.

♥ Stella ♥

Stella she’s flying back to Miami tomorrow but she’ll totally blast all about the product and she lives in Miami…..great place to promote product!
Renée Strauss R.S.V.I.P. Media Group, LLC
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